Easy wood burning ideas for beginners

Easy wood burning ideas for beginners – Wood burning craft 2021

Getting into pyrography otherwise known as wood-burning can quite hard for beginners without a guide. Here on this page, we have easy wood burning ideas for beginners you can start with to help your journey in becoming a great craft individual or artist.

Top wood burning ideas for you

Easy wood burning ideas for beginners

The ideas we shared here is not only for beginners as even seasoned artists can find it appealing to give a trial. So, let’s check them below.

1. Welcome wreath

There are many ways we welcome visitors into our apartment and the most common ones are the use of door messages.

Some will relay a message which says welcome or we love you. The messages vary and that shows people are buying into the idea of using this method to welcome people into their homes.

Instead of using flowers or investing your money in getting a stylish product to hand on your door, you can be creative with it using your wood-burning kit.

With the burning kit, you can inscribe on the door “Welcome”, and that will surely get the attention of visitors due to its design and appearance.

2. Territory Label

This is another form of artistic work that involves the use of burning wood. You just need to scrape and strip some part of the wood with a sharp knife. You can then go ahead to keep inscriptions on the wood to make it easy for anyone to identify things. It can be used to give direction, identify, and many more.

3. Great gesture for loved ones

There are different ways you can express your feeling or your affection towards your loved ones. In the place of getting a chain with a love logo for a valentine’s or anniversary event, you can make use of wood to craft heart-shaped wood-designed objects that can serve as a gift to your loved ones.

4. Gift box

A gift box is one of the most purchased items especially during valentine, Christmas, easter, and some other anniversary events all over the world. You should hold a burning tool kit and inscribe anything on the wooden gift box to make it look appealing and attractive.

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5. Photo frame

If you have a wooden photo frame in your home, you can redesign it with the use of a wood-burning tool. You just need to create some stylish mark or design on the frame to make it look more attractive. Also, if you find it hard to get an idea of what to do, you can check online for some ideas.

6. Crafty

This is an option for those who have a wooden spoon, spatula or any other wooden material you have in your kitchen. It will give your kitchen a great appearance. It makes the look of your wooden kitchen tools different and alluring.

7. Customize on cutting board

Another way you can improve your skill is through the inscription or crafting of some items or writing something inspiring on your cutting board. Words like you can chop like a chef can inspire you and bring out your cooking skills whenever you are cooking.

8. Wooden earring

Styling your earring is another way to improve your craft skills using a wood-burning kit. You don’t have to something complex as you can just draw a line or any image to make the lightweight wood unique and attractive.


If you have the privilege to have access to any burning wood kits and you do not know how to start using them, here are some of the Easy wood burning ideas for beginners you can try out without hassles.  There are many more you can try but we find the list above so simple for you to try out. Also, you can read on this page on how to make fan with paper