glue up ceiling tiles

10 Best glue up ceiling tiles 2021 – Perfect way to beautify your home

Ceiling tiles are a great material to create a textured and decorative look in your home. They’re a good alternative to plastic corrugated sheets, which can be very difficult to get into the right shape. Using glue up ceiling tiles is another way of decorating your home to make it attractive and alluring.

It is important to execute the installation of ceiling tiles properly without any slip-ups. While it might be quite difficult to do, following our guide on this page thus makes the whole task easy for anyone.

There are different types, such as the PVC glue up ceiling tiles, Styrofoam glue up ceiling tiles, and self-adhesive ceiling tiles. Irrespective of the type you get, the R24 Line Art Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile is the best from our experience thus far with several of the glue up tiles we’ve come across in our day-to-day activity.

Glue-up ceiling tiles is the perfect solution for making a beautiful and texture ceiling. One thing you should remember is that glue up ceiling tiles will not cost a lot of time, it is fast and effective and therefore has a number of benefits for your home.

If you’re working on a DIY home project and looking for tips & advice on how to glue up ceiling tiles, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll guide you through some of the points to consider when applying adhesive to ceiling tiles and also share some tiles you can consider below. 

Top Pick

1. R24 Line Art Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile

2. 231 Lover’s Knot PVC 2′ x 2′ Glue-up Ceiling Tile

3. Stratford Ultra-Thin Feather-Light 2×2 Lay-in Ceiling Tiles

4. R 139 Styrofoam Direct Glue Up Ceiling Tile

5. RM-24 Polystyrene ceiling tile

Best glue up ceiling tiles

glue up ceiling tiles

1. R24 Line Art Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile

With the A la Maison ceilings R24 line art foam glue-up ceiling tile, you can paint the ceiling in your dreams. This special foam is a building material that combines with water and adhesive to create an exquisite design of your choice, creating a unique atmosphere for every room in your home.  

The ceiling tiles are made from top-quality polystyrene material, and it comes in a pack of 96, which is enough to cover up some ceiling at a go if the room is not too big. It has a coverage of 256 square feet with a dimension of 19.75 x 19.75 x 0.25 inches, and each tile is lightweight to raise. 

Also, the tile comes in plain white color, and you can decide to paint it after installation. If you choose to paint, it is only compatible with latex paints for a perfect finish. To install the tiles on the ceiling, you need any glue that works well with the tile.

Once you apply the glue on it, you just need to press the tile on your ceiling, and it will stay firm. Also, the tile works with all kinds of ceiling surfaces such as drywall, concrete, plywood, popcorn, and texture wall. It is perfect for all kinds of rooms, from interior to exterior.

Key points

  • Ideal for residential interior and exterior
  • Easy glue up
  • Instant grab
  • Lightweight and durable
  • It fits all kinds of surfaces
  • Moisture resistant

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2. 231 Lover’s Knot PVC 2′ x 2′ Glue-up Ceiling Tile

If you are looking for PVC glue up ceiling tiles, the 231 Lover’s Knot PVC 2′ x 2′ Glue-up Ceiling Tile from Plain to Beautiful in Hours is the perfect choice for you. The 231 lover’s knot PVC 2′ x 2′ glue-up ceiling tile is a great way to bring light and color into any room.

The tile features a textured design that increases grip with any surface, and it offers a fashionable alternative to standard flat tile. This product is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure durability and strong adherence on almost any surface.

Also, the tile is available in three colors; select either Antique Silver, Antique Copper, or Antique gold for an easy way to turn your room into a relaxing retreat. It’s perfect for any setting that needs a minimalist design as it is made from eco-friendly PVC material that’s easy to clean.

With a pack of 25, the package can cover 100 square feet ceiling conveniently. So, it is one of the perfect ways to achieve the task for those looking for a simple way to beautify their ceiling. The tile fits perfectly on most ceilings, and you can easily cut it to size with scissors.

Key points

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • It easily glues on most ceiling
  • Delivers stunning finish
  • Crisp design
  • Easy to cut with scissors
  • It brings natural light into any room
  • Textured design that increases grip with any surfaces

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3. Stratford Ultra-Thin Feather-Light 2×2 Lay-in Ceiling Tiles

If you are looking for a self-adhesive ceiling tile, the Ceilume 12 pc Stratford Ultra-Thin Feather-Light 2×2 Lay-in Ceiling Tiles is the right one for you. It is made of high-quality vinyl material and of different sizes, from 10 tiles to 12 tiles of different colors.

The tile is 2ft by 2ft, and it is sure a great option for remodeling or new construction. It is lightweight to the point that you can easily cut with scissors. The good part of the ceiling tile is that it is cost-effective and very easy to use.

Installing the tile is fun as it doesn’t leave you with a bulky task to do with cleaning. It is easy to trim, doesn’t create dust, and won’t harbor mildew. The fact that it is easy to clean makes it easy to maintain, and it can be used on any surface, which makes it great for indoor and outdoor use.

Key points

  • Easier to trim, don’t create dust, and won’t harbor mildew
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully recyclable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to cut and easy to install
  • Excellent for remodeling or new construction

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4. R 139 Styrofoam Direct Glue Up Ceiling Tile

These lightweight tiles are made from expanded polystyrene foam, also known as Styrofoam, a material that is recognized around the globe as having superior sound insulation properties. It is one of the best styrofoam glue up ceiling tiles you will find in the market today. 

The 40 pack is perfect for residential installations or DIY projects where you need to reinforce a ceiling but don’t have a lot of time. With the right glue, you can glue these tiles directly to drywall without fabricating additional supports.

Also, the ceiling tiles are manufactured using the highest quality raw material and the latest technology available. It is lightweight yet very durable and reliable, making it an ideal choice for constructing false ceilings due to its sheer mass.

Key Points

  • Lightweight
  • Easily Glues directly to Popcorn Ceilings, Stucco, Plywood, Sheetrock, Knock-Down.
  • It looks like real tin or plaster ceiling
  • Easy to cut with a blade
  • Requires no tools for installation

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5. RM-24 Polystyrene ceiling tile

The RM-24 Polystyrene ceiling tile is an excellent option when considering a ceiling tile with no VOCs and low indoor air quality. This product is perfect for those who are looking to reduce their exposure to synthetic chemicals used in the production of many conventional building materials.

Also, the RM-24 Polystyrene ceiling tile is fire retardant, water/moisture-proof, and has a special finish that allows for easy installation and longer life. It doesn’t require any special tools to install. You just need to glue it and push it to the surface of the ceiling.

This ceiling tile is made from polystyrene. It has an ultra-smooth finish that’s free of any particles that could cause irritation or injury to the human eye. Its low height makes it ideal for use in low or flat areas.

Also, it is an economical and versatile product that has applications in a wide variety of commercial and residential construction environments.

Key points

  • It could be painted with latex paint
  • Very easy and fast to install
  • Cost-effective and very easy to use
  • Eco-friendly and safe for DIY projects

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6. Gold Blue Red 2×2 PVC Faux Tin Decorative Ceiling Tile

The Gold Blue Red 2×2 PVC Faux Tin Decorative Ceiling Tile sets a tone for your room that is elegant and bold. Blending its antique gold, royal blue, and red colors together will create a visually stunning design that can be easily integrated into any home decor.

This decorative tin ceiling tile will bring a warm feeling to any space by adding a luxurious feel. It is perfect for any room in your house or office. It is a smart choice for both residential and commercial building decoration due to its durability, easy installation, unique style, and reasonable price.

In addition, the beautiful details of these tiles make them an excellent addition to both contemporary and traditional interior design themes.

Also, the Gold Blue Red 2×2 PVC Faux Tin Decorative Ceiling Tile utilizes the latest European technology in the manufacturing process with high-quality raw materials used in its production. The best part of this product is that it can be installed easily without any need for additional tools or skills.

Key points

  • You can either grid or glue-up
  • Made with PVC material
  • Bring the natural beauty of your home interior design to new heights
  • Create a visually stunning design

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7. R32c Topkapi Palace Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile

This R32c Topkapi Palace Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile is an easy-to-use, spill-free glue that sets within minutes. It is a super-fast setting product that can be used for interior or exterior use. This R32c Topkapi Palace Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile is perfect for ceilings in your home or office.

It has a quick set time which allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications, from drywall repair to finished ceilings. This R32c Topkapi Palace Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile is a convenient way to complete the home renovation and decorating project.

Also, it is made of premium quality materials, which give long-lasting performance. It features an outstanding visual appeal that adds charm to your house. In addition, the tile is distinguished by its high impact strength, fire retardant property, moisture resistance, easy installation, and low cost of production.

Key points

  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong and durable
  • Paintable with water-based paints
  • Instant grab adhesive
  • Safe and easy to use

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8. R05 Spring Buds Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile

The R05 Spring Buds Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile secures your ceilings with a clean, professional look. It is made of lightweight materials that are easy to install and can easily be cut with a sharp knife. Also, the tiles feature an adhesive backing for a fast and secure bond between the tile and ceiling.

It is made from a high-quality closed-cell foam with an adhesive backing. This tile glue is suitable for new build and semi-dried ceilings with no previous wallpaper or paper hanging material present. It can also be used to patch holes and tears in existing drywall surfaces or damaged ceilings.

The magic of R05 Spring Buds begins with our proprietary formula of plant waxes, oils, and resins. This unique blend is a biodegradable adhesive that sets smooth and glossy without drying out the surface. Our glue-up ceiling tile is the perfect solution for small spaces where durability and color hold particular importance.

Key points

  • Instantly transforms most ceiling surfaces
  • Paintable with water-based (latex) paints
  • Easy glue up application
  • Instant Grab adhesive
  • No extra tools required

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9. Art3d Drop Ceiling Tiles

The Art3d drop ceiling tiles come in a range of colors to match any interior. The premium polyester film creates a strong and water-resistant finish that is easy to clean and maintain with no adhesive residue when removed.

The Art3d Drop Ceiling Tiles are sturdy plastic tiles that can be used to decorate your home or office. They do not require any additional fixing like adhesives or nails; just simply position them and press firmly to stick the tiles into the surface.

These tiles are designed for dry areas only, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or offices, without any chance of water penetration. Also, the tiles have been designed for quick and easy installation by anyone with basic DIY skills, making them perfect for do-it-yourselfers looking to redesign their homes in an affordable way.

Key Points

  • Easy installation and an attractive design
  • Paintable
  • Pretty easy to work with
  • Flexible and will not crack
  • Water and corrosion-resistant for exceptional durability
  • Safe and fully recyclable

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10. R47 Romanesque Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile

The R47 Romanesque Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile is a new generation of high-quality, inexpensive board and plywood ceiling tile. This new R concept ceiling tile is sleek and modern. The unique design allows for maximum sound absorption while protecting the wood from water damage.

Its self-adhesive back allows you to simply snap it into place and glue gun it like regular drywall. The R47 Romanesque Foam Glue-up Ceiling Tile has a high-quality texture and realistic appearance. The modeling compound glue-up method is used to produce an extremely durable and solid tile that will last for years.

Key Points

  • Instantly transforms most ceiling surfaces
  • There are 96 tiles each included
  • Paintable with water-based (latex) paints
  • Compatible with different surfaces

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How to install glue up ceiling tiles

glue up ceiling tiles

If you are planning on renovation or remodeling and you consider beautifying your ceiling using a glue-up tile, you should have to consider how to go about the installation.

There are two ways you can do the tiles installation. The first is to keep your hands clean by hiring experts or professionals to help you with the installation.

The second is to go all out with your skills to do it yourself, and we will help you through that with this resourceful information.

You don’t have to worry, even if it is your first time doing this. Just follow the procedure you are about to read shortly.

  • Get the necessary tools

By now, you should have decided on the type of ceiling tiles you want, which comprises the design, style, and many more. It is the first thing you need to get.

Other things include the ceiling glues, which we already have a post on that on this site; you need scissors or blades, measuring tape, and a ruler.

  • Make the measurement

For you to have a smooth and successful project, you need to get your starting point. It will help you get a pattern and a working system which you have to follow to install all tiles accordingly.

To do that, measure the size of the tile and make a measurement on the ceiling to know the exact number of tiles that a roll will accommodate.

  • Get a starting point

Now that you’ve made the measurement, you should get a starting point. You should start the pasting of the ceiling tiles from that point. You use the starting point to make a pattern for yourself, and you follow through with it.

Paste the glue on tiles

Now that you have a starting point and you’ve made a mark. You should be ready to start the task.

  • Pick up your glue

The next step for you is to pick up the glue and cut out the opening. Thereafter, you can drop a small quantity of the glue on all edges and the center of the tiles.

It is important you do it this way so that the bond will be even, and you dong have to experience seeing space or fault in your work.

  • Paste the tile on the ceiling

Once you’ve put the glue on the tile, you should move on to paste it on the ceiling. Just look out for your starting point and paste the tile there. You should follow the same step for others.

Also, while working, you might experience issues with the edges; there are some edges you can purchase online for that. But the most important is that you can always cut out the tiles to fit a section using your scissors.

  • Apply glue to the merging point

Once you are through with all the tiles, you should apply glue to all the merging points and clean all surfaces to ensure your work is neat as you ever want it to be.

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Why should you use glue up ceiling tiles?

There are so many reasons for you to choose to glue up ceiling tiles.

Safe to use

The first of the reasons to choose glue-up tiles is that they are safe to use. Eco-friendly and user-friendly. It doesn’t require the use of chemicals or extra tools to install.

Also, it doesn’t give dust or contaminate the atmosphere during installation or after. It is such a safe device to use. All that is needed is just your ceiling glue, and you are good to use.


The alluring appearance of glue up tiles makes your room is amazing. The feeling is something you can’t get over. It is the reason it fits perfectly for any renovation or remodeling that you want to do in your house.

It comes in different styles, designs, and shape for you to choose the one that will add the beauty you want to your home.


One of the reasons you should opt for it is that it is lightweight and very easy to handle. It is made of quality material that makes it durable and lightweight to cut with your scissors or blade.

Also, while installing on the ceiling, you don’t have to stress yourself or get tired of handling a heavy tile. It is light and simple to hold up for a longer period.

Easy to maintain

Some ceilings are so hard to maintain especially keeping to their color. The case is different with glue up tiles. They come easy to maintain as you can easily wipe off dirt with a damp cloth to ensure it retains its color.

Also, some come with the option for you to paint. You just need to check the type of paint that is compatible with the tiles you got.

Frequently asked questions

How do you glue up ceiling tiles?

You have to drop the glue on the tiles at the edges and at the center, then you can raise it up to the ceiling to glue it on the surface. For more information on this, you can read how to glue up ceiling tiles above.

Can you glue drop ceiling tiles to the ceiling?

The application of drop ceiling tiles is different from the glue up ceiling. The drop ceiling tiles don’t require any glue for you to install. It comes with a design that allows a frame to hold the tile in place, so you don’t need any glue.

What glue do you use for ceiling tiles?

There are different glues that you can use for ceiling tiles. However, you need to know the types of materials the tile is made from so you can get the right glue because there are some glues for Styrofoam, PVC, and some for the two. 

Is it illegal to have polystyrene ceiling tiles?

It has not been said that using ceiling tiles is illegal, nor do we have a regulatory body that determines if it is good or not. The choice to use it or not depends on you.


If you’re a homeowner, you might have to use glue up ceiling tiles at some point in time. It is safe and easy to do, plus you don’t have to spend more on adding beauty to your home. On this page, we have some of the types of glue-up tiles that you can consider with information on how to go about it.

It is very important that you take the time and read over the information, so there are no mistakes when you install the ceiling tiles.