How long to let tie dye sit

How long to let tie dye sit? – Tips and tricks to a perfect tie-dye

How long to let tie dye sit? The duration of leaving a tie and dye to sit all depends on what you are trying to do. You can let your fabric sit with the direct dye for from 5-60 minutes depending on what you are looking for. The time factor depends on how light or dark of a color you want to achieve and if you want to let any white areas appear in the design.

Let tie dye sit for at least 12-24 hours. The longer you let it sit, the darker and more vibrant the design will be. From the expert desk, the best tie-dye length of time would be about 20 minutes, it all depends on how quickly the tie-dye dries.

Also, it is important to plan when you will get started on your tie-dye. The longer it sits, the more vibrant the colors will become. Tie-dye works best on cotton fabrics because it absorbs the dye better than any other fabric.

How to wash tie dye after dying?

How to wash tie dye after dying

When washing tie-dye clothing, you have to be careful not to use too much shampoo or fabric softener. These both can cause the dye to bleed. When washing tie-dye clothes, use only color-safe bleach and wash the shirt separately from a light-colored shirt.

The fabric must be washed in cold water and allowed to drip dry. It will prevent the tie dye from bleeding into other clothes. Silk tie-dye can be treated with a fabric conditioner to make it soft and shiny after washing.

You should first rinse the tie and dye before you ever consider washing it to prevent bleeding. The color can bleed and then affect the outcome of whatever you are doing. To wash, you need to get warm water and add a small amount of detergent.

You should never wash cloth that is not dyed in the same color. Once you are through with washing, you can dry it and let it stay dry for some hours. Thereafter, you should wash again with the same procedure of warm water and soft detergent.

Once you have done this like two to three times, you can allow it to dry, and be rest assured you have an end product that won’t bleed.  

How to rinse tie dye?

How to wash tie dye after dying

Rinsing is very important to get the right result with your tie and dye. So, once your dye has set and it is time to rinse, you just need to head over to the tub and remove all the rubber bands that you have on the cloth. 

Then you should rinse the cloth under warm water and ensure you keep up with the process until the excess dye gets out of the cloth. You should only stop rinsing once you notice that the water is clear. 

How to set tie-dye?

How to set tie-dye

If you want to set tie-dye you need to follow the instruction or step below.


  • Tub or bucket of water
  • Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye
  • 4oz squeeze bottles
  • Ziplock bags or plastic wrap (plus a Sharpie if you’re doing this with friends!)
  • Indicates inclusion in our Tie Dye Kits!
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Metal rack + tray or 2-ply paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Apron or smock

Prepare the supplies and get ready for the task

Get the material

The material you want to use all depends on you. You should ensure you choose a natural fiber such as silk, rayon, wool, and 100% cotton. They are all great choices for tie and dye. Polyester fabrics will not work well with tie and dye and it might be an unsuccessful task except you want to have a trial to yourself.

Prepping items to dye

For any effective tie and dye, you need to first wash the clothing you are using. You should get a small quantity of detergent and wash the clothing in cold water. The task will help to remove any potential residue from the fabric and prepare the cloth for the tie and dye.

Choose your dye and color

There is different dye out there in the market. So, you need to carefully choose one that you want to use. Ensure it complement or will work perfectly on your clothing material for efficient result or outcome.

Prepare your dyeing space

Dyeing can be so messy. So, before you start, you need to get your gloves on your hands. You need to place a paper towel below the place you intend to use as that will prevent the dye from getting to the surface and ensure the surface doesn’t get stained.

Prepare the dye and go on with the task

You should prepare the dye and ensure you have the right color intensity you want. You should also go on with styling you’re clothing either with a rubber band, rope or thread. Dip the clothing in the dye you have in the bowl and leave for some hours depending on how light or thick you want your dye.

You should remove it after some hours or a day and rinse the cloth.

Rinse the clothing and wash

The next thing is for you to rinse the cloth before you wash it. Rinsing will help prevent bleeding. So, you should rinse the clothing under warm water until the water is clear. Once you are sure the water is clear, you can wash the cloth in warm water with a soft detergent.

You should repeat the washing two to three times and thereafter, you can go ahead to dry the cloth.

How to wash a tie dye shirt without it fading?

How to wash a tie dye shirt without it fading

If you want to keep your tie-dye t-shirt, then you should know how to wash tie dye shirts. To try and prevent your tie dye shirt from fading, it’s good to first read the tag on the shirt. Most of the time it will give you directions on how to do this correctly. However, most of these will tell you to hand wash in cold water with like colors only.   

Also, it is best not to mix your tie dye shirts with anything in your regular laundry cycle as they may bleed onto other pieces of clothing and ruin them due to the strong dyes used in the fabric. 

Can you wash tie dye shirts together?

Can you wash tie dye shirts together

Yes, you can wash shirts together that are tie-dyed. However, we do recommend washing them separately on the First Wash cycle in cold water with similar colors. The reason is that the dye will bleed, which can mix and create different colors on your other clothing.

For best results, we recommend either washing your full load all at one time or separating the shirts into as many loads as necessary to avoid bleeding of colors.

So, you can hand or machine wash tie dye shirts together, as long as you do it separately, and without knots. Do not put them in the dryer until the dyed parts are completely dry; if you do not let them dry first, they may stick together.

How long should you leave tie dye in before rinse?

How long should you leave tie dye in before rinse

How long do you leave tie dye in? This is a common question, and on average, you can leave for 24 hrs or more as the effect differs based on the type of fabric that you are dying. We researched hundreds of crafts and tutorials and it became clear that different fibers required different leaving times before rinsing.

When tie dying clothing always make sure to rinse it in water before washing it. The longer you leave the dye in, the brighter the colors will appear when they are dry. You can also choose different colors to put on top of each other if you want a bright multicolored effect.

Washing tie dye first time

Washing tie dye the first time will help to ensure that the dye doesn’t bleed. There is no more to it than preventing your clothing from turning out awful. 

How do you wash tie dye without bleeding?

How do you wash tie dye without bleeding

Bleeding can be reduced by rinsing your tie dye before washing. To pre-rinse, soak your tie dye in cold water with non-chlorine bleach and rinse until the water is clear. For more intense bleeding, soak overnight in cold water with non-chlorine bleach. You can also soak your tie dye in the detergent you plan to use before washing it.

Can you let tie dye sit too long?

Can you let tie dye sit too long

Timing is everything with tie-dye. It’s important to be precise with the different phases, or you’ll end up with a tie-dye disaster. The time frame that you leave your t-shirt in the tie dye will be dependent on how vivid you want the result of your shirt to be.

If you are looking for subtle tones, you can leave your t-shirt in between 12 to 24 hours. However, if your goal is to have very strong and vibrant colors, we recommend that you leave your shirt in a little longer. The results will vary on how long the shirts are soaked in depending on how much water it is absorbing from the atmosphere


This page covers all that you need to know on how long to let tie dye sit. Also, it covers some additional information on tie and dye that you need to know. So, we hope you are satisfied with the information you find on this page.