How to glue foam together

How to glue foam together – Tips and tricks for beginners

If you are a craft enthusiast and do more of your craftwork with foam with the demand to join one foam to another, this page will teach you how to glue foam together.

It is an easy task to do, but most people make mistakes with it and end up messing up their craft projects.

So, if you are looking for the correct information on how you should glue foam together, you’ve got all you need on this page.

How to glue foam together

Get the right tools

The first thing you need to do is to pick the foam you want to glue together. Place them on each other and ensure it well align the way you want to glue them.

The following tool you need is the glue itself. There is much glue out there that you can consider for this task. You need to find one that is compatible with the foam.

Pick the foam to glue together.

If the foam you have is too big for each other, i.e., the size and shape are not the same, you need to use a cutting blade to trim out the exact size of the foam.

Once you are through with cutting the foam, you should place them on each other to get a perfect fit. Once it is perfectly aligned, you find it easy to get the perfection you need with your work.

Get the appropriate glue.

There are lots of craft glues out there in the market. Some are water-based glue, while some are not. It would help if you gave attention to the dry time and how safe it is to use.

Some glue takes seconds, while some can last for 10 minutes before they effectively hold the foam together. Also, not all bonds can work for foam craft.

Some are versatile, but getting one mainly for foam will help do wonders with gluing foam. Choosing the best glue for foam is the right thing for you to do.

Apply the glue

You should pick the foam after you’ve got the glue and then apply it. You need to ensure you get an even distribution on each surface for effective results.

Sometimes the type of glue determines how you apply it to the foam. Some you have to squeeze to get the substance out of the bottle and then use a spreader kit to spread it on the foam surface, and some, you have to spray the glue on the surfaces because they come with a spray gun.

Place the foam on each other.

Once you have the glue on each surface, the next thing is to place the foam on each other. It would help if you were careful with this part so that you can get the perfect placement. Also, you need to act fast if you make any mistake with the placement to remove and reposition the foam quickly.

Once you are so of the placement and positioning, you can leave the foam for some minutes and allow the glue to bind the two foams firmly. Once you notice it is glued from your observation, you can go on with other activities you have to do with the foam.


Some craftwork requires that you make use of foam, and the challenge has been on how to cut foam and glue to another foam. However, we have the right solution to that for you on this page. Our focus on this page is to share with you all we know on how to glue foam together.

We’ve got experience with doing lots of craftwork with foam, and we hope you can find all the information we have above resourceful.