How to make paper pockets

4 proven ways on how to make paper pockets – Simple tricks and tips

How to make paper pockets? It is a simple craft task to do. Just pick the paper, make the correct measurement, cut out using a blade, and glue the parts you should to get a pocket shape from the paper. On this page, we will show you how you can make paper pockets yourself without watching any video or making any mistakes.

We hope our short guide will help you get a precise and accurate project if you want to try out the craftwork. The process of making paper pockets involves three stages.

How can I make paper pockets?

How to make paper pockets

Just as said earlier, the process involves three stages.

1. Gather the materials and tools

There are some essential tools or materials you need for the project. They are so necessary that you can’t achieve the craft project without them.

The materials include the paper you want to use, a cutter, ruler, pencil or marker, and paper glue.

Those are the materials that you need if you are making a simple paper pocket. However, you might need more than that if you want to be more stylish with your craftwork.

2. Print and cut template

This section is significant with the craftwork. It requires lots of attention and concentration.

There are two ways you can do it. The first is having a mental picture of what you want to do. I.e., you have the picture of the pocket you want to craft in your mind.

The second, which seems to be the easiest and best way, is to surf online and select any pocket template that you love to make.

Once you select the template, you can print it out on the paper you want to use for the pocket.

The bottom line is you just have to cut out the template, and either you draw out the pattern or print it out, you have to cut using your blade cutter.

To do that, you need to carefully trace out the pocket templates to reduce the chance of mistakes that could affect your end product.

3. Apply glue

Now you have to finish the task and to do that, and you need to fold the paper and apply the glue. Pick the paper and carefully apply the glue to it.

There are different glues you can consider for paper craftwork. Make sure you go all out to choose the right one. Once you apply it, you should leave it to bond together.

The application is simple. Apply the glue on the bottom and the right and left edges or sides of the paper while leaving the upper part open.

4. Design the pocket

If you do not love to leave your pocket so plain and unattractive, you can go on with doing some stylish design on it.

You can make a drawing on it, write something or sprinkle paint or color using watercolor. You just need to be creative with it to make it alluring.


How to make paper pockets is not a difficult thing to do. It involves just a few steps, such as gathering the material, printing out the template, cutting out the pocket from the template, and applying glue.

It is straightforward to do if you can follow the instruction we have on this page. We will love to hear from you if you find our information inspiring and leading to making a paper pocket.