how to paint with chalk paint

How to paint with chalk paint – Tips and tricks

What if I told you that chalk painting is easy and fun in such that it allows you to express yourself without stress? It is hard to believe, right? But that is the truth. You can chalk paint furniture, kitchen counters, fence, or your room without having any prior experience. Should you be wondering how to paint with chalk paint, in this article, I will show you how to do that so you can get started on transforming that stuff you can’t get rid of.

Chalk paint is mainly used on furniture and for some rustic home décor. In some cases, however, we’ve had painters paint the rooms and walls with chalk paint which usually turns out beautiful, giving the room a distinctive charm, especially when combined with matching accessories.

One of the best parts of using chalk paint is that you don’t have to worry about peeling off old stains; as long as you can wipe the surface clean and sand smooth, you can put on a fresh coat of chalk paint and get your desired result.

How then do you paint with chalk paint? Painting with chalk paint is in different stages and involves various processes, differing from painting with traditional paints. If you are trying this out for the first time, you might want to follow these few steps, after which you can stand back to admire the perfect job you did.

Here are the materials you need for a successful first-time chalk painting

1. Annie Sloan chalk paint or any other good chalk paint available to you.

2. Brush (paint and wax brush)

3. Roller (for walls or larger surfaces)

4. Wax or sealant Sandpaper (trust me, you will need this)

5. Old rag or napkin  (to clean the surface before painting)

6. Soap and water

7. Blanket or tarpaulin to cover work area

8. Wood or concrete filler

9. Broom or brush to clean the space once you are done

How to paint with chalk paint

how to paint with chalk paint

1. First, ensure you get the best chalk paint.

The official chalk paint brand is Annie Sloan, though there are several other brands out there in stores varying in price and quality. Other popular brands of chalk paint are Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Magnolia Home. That’s not to say you can’t find other types, but make sure you get good chalk paint.

2. Get the room or surface ready for painting.

This may involve you moving out some things or covering up others to ensure that nothing is damaged or ruined after painting. The stages of chalk painting may involve lots of dust and dirt, so you may need to prep the room for this process.

To cover the furniture or other items in the room, you may use a tarpaulin or wide blanket while you move other movable objects out of the workspace.

3. Fill up dents on the surface you want to work on.

While cleaning is a necessary step before painting, it is also important because it helps you identify dents, cracks, or areas that need to be filled up on the surface you want to paint before getting started.

Once you identify these cracks or holes, you may need a filler (wood filler for furniture or concrete filler for walls) to cover up the dents. There are many types of filler in stores, so you might want to look for ones that dry up fast, say about fifteen to twenty minutes.

After you have filled out the holes, you should have a scraper close by. The scraper is used to smoothen out the filled spots so they can blend or level with the surface.

4. Clean the surface, rinse and dry

It is important that you take your time to clean the surface properly before you begin painting. If you clean casually, the grease spots or stains may show through the paint, which might affect the final look of the painting job. So get down and scrub and rinse the surface properly until you are sure there are no obvious stains on it.

5. Begin to paint

After you have rinsed and left the surface to dry, you can then begin painting with chalk paint. Except in rare cases, you don’t need to sand or prime the surface before you coat it with chalk paint. That is one of the benefits of using chalk paint.

The paint dries quickly once applied, so you need to work carefully to avoid leaving brush strokes and quickly so as to put another coating immediately the first layer dries up.

Please note that it may take several layers of coating to achieve your desired result, but after the second layer of coating, you might want to thin out the paint mix so that the coating won’t be too heavy on the surface.

Once you have applied the desired layer of coating and left to dry, you may likely see brushstrokes or streaks on the surface, which may not give the surface the smooth finish you wanted; so, except you plan a rustic look, you will need to sand the surface until you get a smooth, well-blended result.

6. Apply a wax finish

Based on your choice, you need a finishing wax to apply on the painted surface, so you have to choose between a soft wax, a wood sealer like polyurethane, and maybe a water-based polycrylic. This totally depends on where you are placing the furniture or cabinet. For walls, soft or dark wax is enough for sealing the paints, which you may then leave for some days to cure.

Things to know about chalk paint

how to paint with chalk paint

Now that you have read ways to paint with chalk paint, here are some things you may need to know about chalk paint so you won’t be surprised while working with it.

  • Chalk paint dries up fast
  • Chalk paint does not need priming
  • It is thick and may require you to mix with water to get your desired consistency
  • Getting an even brushing with chalk paint is difficult and may require extra effort
  • If you are not careful with its thickness, it may build up and mess with the design you have in mind
  • It is easy to clean up after using chalk paint.
  • May leave brush marks that need to be smoothened out with sandpaper.


Now that you have all the information you need on how to paint with chalk paint, you can get started with painting and bring those beautiful ideas you have in mind to live with chalk paint.