Best glue for craft foam

10 Best glue for craft foam – Reviews and guide

There are many best glue for craft foam, and they vary significantly in price and how well they perform. Some people will tell you that super glue or epoxy is best for everything, but I’ve found non-toxic craft glues like Aleen’s tacky glue to be just as good, if not better.

I don’t like some industrial super glues because once they set on plastic, they never come off again. This makes working with them difficult because the slightest touch can cause a dent or bump, which ruins the project.

Choosing the best Craft Glue can be confusing, especially if you have not much experience in this area. That’s why I this page to offer comprehensive reviews of various types of glue used for crafting and DIY purposes.

You could have the best ideas, skills, and craft supplies. But without glue, your projects will never fully come to life. Selecting the right glues for your projects can be difficult. There are many different glues available to buy on the market, each with its characteristics and requirements.

So, let’s get to check some of the glues that you can consider for foam work.

Our Top Pick

1. Aleene’s Original 3 Pack 8 oz Tacky Glue

2. Gorilla 5002801 Original Waterproof Polyurethane Glue

3. Beacon Hold The Foam Glue 2oz

4. K-Grip Clear Foam and Fabric Spray Adhesive

5. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

Best glue for foam

Best glue for craft foam

1. Aleene’s Original 3 Pack 8 oz Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Original 3 Pack 8 oz Tacky Glue is a super-sticky, double-sided, liquid glue that dries quickly without setting. It easily sticks things together like paper, photos, fabric, felt, and foam. Whether you’re using it to seal a gift or just trying to make something cool happen, this super-sticky glue will have the job done with ease.

Also, Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue cleans up with water, so there’s no mess to clean up. Plus, it dries in minutes, not hours or days, making it the ideal choice for projects where precision is critical. The Original 3-Packs come in a convenient 8 oz. size and are packaged in a plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap.

The glue is available in original formulas with no additives, which makes it safe to use. It is non-toxic, which makes it safe to use around kids. The strength of the glue is that it holds items on contact, and it works with all kinds of surfaces.

When it comes to completing school projects or simply making something stick, nothing else comes close to Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Each 8 oz glue kit features an easy-squeeze bottle that delivers just the right amount of thick glue every time.

In addition, the auto-close cap keeps hands clean and your craftwork secure during application. It is great for arts & crafts projects at home or office, school projects, bead/metallic painting, model building, home repair, and improvements.


  • Safe, non-toxic, and does not have a bad smell
  • Great for kids and adults for any craftwork
  • It dries clearly and won’t yellow over time
  • Versatile and strong
  • Dries quickly with permanent effect


  • We have got no significant setback with the glue

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2. Gorilla 5002801 Original Waterproof Polyurethane Glue

The Gorilla 5002801 Original Waterproof Polyurethane Glue is made to outlast and outperform other glues by far. This professional-grade glue is perfect for everything from home repairs to cabinet making and model making with a super-high bond strength to wood, foam, glass, metal, and many other surfaces.

It dries clear and strong and has great adhesion to most surfaces. It is great for heavy-duty projects like building model kits or just about any craftwork that you can think of. This waterproof outdoor adhesive is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Its unique formula cures at room temperature, so it’s quick and easy to use.

The glue thus provides long-lasting protection from the elements while providing a tough, durable bond between materials.

This waterproof glue bonds instantly with no drying time needed. The water-based formula contains UV-protecting properties that help protect the material being glued from sun damage while allowing the glue to penetrate and bond the material without bleaching or cracking.

Also, it is best for interior and exterior projects such as picture frames, shelves, home repairs, painting, scrapbooking, and much more. In addition, it is non-toxic and easy to use. Plus, it cleans up with water and alcohol.


  • The glue is both water-resistant
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • It bonds very fast
  • Incredibly strong and versatile
  • It easily bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass, concrete, and much more.
  • Perfect for most craftwork


  • The passage for the glue is too small, and it requires more pressure to squeeze the glue out of the container.

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3. Beacon Hold the Foam Glue 2oz

The beacon Hold the Foam Glue 2oz is a liquid super-strong glue that can hold foam pieces together. It doesn’t dry out like other glues, so it can be used over and over again. It is an extra-strength glue solution that bonds paper and foam without heating. In addition, bonds to paper surfaces, including catalog sheets, magazines, notebooks, and more.

Also, the beacon Hold the Foam Glue is a 100% natural glue. It does not harden or get hard like regular adhesives. It allows you to do quick and easy arts and crafts on your project. Whether you’re gluing down decals or crafting with arts and crafts, this easy-to-use glue can be used on a variety of surfaces.

In addition, the Beacon Hold the Foam Glue is an instant adhesive that can be used to hold the foam together. It is perfect for arts and crafts, home projects, and school projects. Also, it is a high-quality, water-based craft glue that gets to act on contact.

Furthermore, it is acid-free and non-toxic, which makes it perfect for do-it-yourself projects, scrapbooking, school projects, and paper crafting.


  • Non-toxic, instant grab & fast dry
  • Cleans up easily with water
  • Bonds all types of foam together and many more
  • It designed for long term performance
  • Waterproof and heat resistant


  • It gives yellowish color over time, but you might not experience that anyway.

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4. K-Grip Clear Foam and Fabric Spray Adhesive

The K-Grip Clear Foam and Fabric Spray Adhesive are one of the best glue for foam board. The Adhesive Spray glue expands up to three times its original thickness when sprayed on or applied to items such as Styrofoam, fabric, and wood. 

This spray is designed to provide a strong bond as well as a clear finish. It works best on porous materials that have been cleaned and prepared with each can of K-Grip spray adhesive holding up to 1 gallon of the product.

Its application includes foam to foam, foam to fabric, foam to wood, and not a perfect option for vinyl material. The glue can only be used in a spraying pattern which is the reason you need a spray gun to carry out the task efficiently.

For optimal and safe use, you need to keep it under an atmosphere with a temperature below 90-degree Fahrenheit. There are amazing reasons you should consider the glue, such as resistance to flame, temperature, fast-drying, and strong effects on contact.

Using it for any craftwork makes life easy for anyone, and it is safe to use since it boasts of non-toxic material. Indeed, it is one of the strong craft glue that you should always consider for craftwork.


  • Stronger than aerosol adhesives
  • Non-flammable
  • Fast drying
  • Super strong and effective


  • It has no significant setback

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5. Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue

If you are looking for fast-drying clear glue for crafts, Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue is one of those that you should consider. It is one of the strong craft glues that you can never be wrong with. It is precise and accurate in getting you the right result with any task you have at hand. 

The Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue has been designed to be versatile, fun, and easy to use. No more frustration or mess with any project. It allows you to mask off your project, sculpt, model, and create the best craftwork that you ever desire.

The glue uses a unique and proprietary technology that is designed to bond the adhesives together in one shot without excess run-off. It is best for all kinds of craftwork that you can ever think of, and it has all that you need for the right application.

If you are looking for a glue that is both affordable and still sticks incredibly well, then Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue is the right one for you. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including the kit tips.


  • It stays smooth and minimizes warping or wrinkling
  • No warping or wrinkling
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Very strong and dries fast


  • It is not resistant to water

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6. Colorations Washable Clear Glue

The Colorations Washable Clear Glue proves to be one of the strong craft glues because of how fast it gets effect on contact. It dries clear, so it doesn’t change the color of your papercrafts. You only need to apply a tiny amount to hold your paper together, and when it’s dry, the glue is so thin you can’t even tell it is glued.

When it comes to art and craft, glue is an indispensable item. Kids especially find the use of glue quite amusing and interactive. So, using this washable glue by Colorations, your kids can create amazing works of art without any issue or even getting stuck to anything.

It is non-toxic as well, so you don’t need to feel worried about your children using it. The Colorations Clear Glue is a wonderful product that allows you to create anything. It is perfect for a school project, home crafts, office work, and many more.

It is compatible with foam, paper, fabric, cardboard, and many more. Once you are through with using it, you can wash off the glue from your hand with water and soap. It is extremely safe and easy to use.


  • Dries quickly and clear
  • It doesn’t change color
  • Helps with precise and accurate glue task
  • Very easy and safe to use, even for kids
  • Non-toxic, and you can wash it off easily with water and soap


  • Not to be considered near heat. It is never resistant to hot temperatures or heat.

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7. Mont Marte PVA Glue Craft Glue

The PVA Glue Craft Glue is a water-soluble glue that can be used for scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, paper crafting, and more. This craft glue is cyanoacrylate with a precision tip applicator and brush that allows for precise application in small spaces.

It is certainly a good choice for crafters and artists who find themselves using paper and foam as one of the materials in their projects. The product requires no set-up time, so you can use it without having to wait for it to dry. It dries clear and permanent and is excellent for mounting photos, cards, and memorabilia.

Whether you are an experienced crafter or a beginner, if you’re looking for a reliable glue to help create your next fabulous project, the Mont Marte PVA Craft Glue may be all you need. It goes transparent after drying and will never cause any negative effect on your artistic or craftwork.

The glue design comes with a bottleneck that is sealed with foam stick which helps to prevent the glue from spilling out when not in use. The material used for the glue is safe, and that makes it secure to use for anyone.


  • It is non-toxic and safe to use
  • Extra clear transparent
  • Perfect for all craftwork
  • It dries very fast and doesn’t change color


  • It dries too hard on materials

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8. Sprayway SW055 Fast Tack Foam and Fabric Adhesive

The Sprayway SW055 Fast Tack Foam and Fabric Adhesive is a spray for foam, textiles, plastics, rubber, and leather. The manufacturer recommends it for foam because it adheres permanently to foam or fabric with no adhesive buildup.

It holds medium to heavy foam materials in place. Also, the Sprayway SW055 Fast Tack Foam and Fabric Adhesive is a water-based, quick-curing, closed-cell foam adhesive made especially for foam projects.

In addition, the spray adhesive dries in just 10 minutes which makes it ideal for the artist who needs an instant bond on things like craft foam, leather, or fabric. By applying it with a sprayer, you can quickly create strong, durable bonds for many projects that would be difficult or impossible to affix with other adhesives.

Also, the glue can effectively deliver the right result. It delivers quick tack and high coverage. It doesn’t change color or darkens, and it doesn’t leave any odor behind.


  • Super strong
  • Perfect for craft and other artistic work
  • It dries fast but gives room for correction
  • It offers quick tack, and it doesn’t darken or changes color


  • It is not ideal for bonding vinyl

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9. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue

The 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue is specially formulated to adhere permanently to many surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, and plastic. It can bond plastics and other consumables such as paper and foam.

Also, the Super 77 glue comes in an easy-to-use aerosol spray to provide high tack and strong initial bonds. It is best suited for applications that require permanent adhesion or temporary holding power.

It’s perfect for any home or construction project you need to complete, and it’s rated as one of the best adhesives on today’s market. It can also be used on polystyrene foam, neoprene, rubber, leather, craft paper, and cardboard.


  • Simple to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Effective for all kinds of craft and artistic work
  • Provides professional, industrial strength for demanding applications
  • It offers a fast, aggressive tack for a quick bond that reduces set time


  • None

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10. Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

The Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is very thick, so it doesn’t ooze out of the can like most thin spray adhesives. It is of superior quality and great for craft or any artistic project.

Also, the Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive is an adhesion ideal for wood, plastic, vinyl, foam, and carpet. It can also be used as a tackifier sealer, making it suitable for packaging purposes.

In addition, the heavy-duty spray adhesive is perfect to bond laminate pieces and repairs indoor and outdoor projects that require heavy-duty adhesion properties for adhering to plastics and materials like paper, metal, glass, and many others.

I have used Gorilla glue on several foam craft projects, and I find it useful because it is stronger than wood glue and is a permanent adhesive glue. So, it is best to consider for most craft work if you are dealing with different materials. 


  • Dries permanently
  • It doesn’t give yellow color
  • Safe to use
  • Perfect for any surface


  • It does not work on rug/carpet to a wood surface

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Best glue for foam sheets buyer’s guide

Best glue for craft foam


If you are getting glue for craftwork that has to do with foam, then one of the things you need to consider is if the glue can catch fire or not. So many people have made the mistake of not considering this and end up messing up their craftwork when trying to perfect it.

You should check to be sure that the glue you are about to get is resistant to fire so that you don’t end up making a mistake.


The size of the glue is another factor that you need to consider. You need to consider the workload you have or the strength of your work so you can get the right size of glue for the work.

Crafts glue comes in different sizes, and you need to choose the one that can finish the task you have at hand. Some glue will last you for a longer period, while some are just for a small period of time.

Drying time

The next you need to consider is the time it takes for the glue to dry. It is very important to help in achieving the right result with whatever work you have with you.

Some glue takes 3 minutes and more than that to dry up, and it helps to tell you how to use and what to expect from using such glue.

One of the reasons you should know the drying time is that it helps you find it easy with making necessary corrections if you ever make a mistake with the glue application.


The other factor that you also need to consider is the squeezing of the bottle, which has to do with the way the substance gets out of the opening. Some require force or pressure before you could get them out of the bottle, while some just require you to press the bottle.

Surface compatibility

Surface compatibility is very important when getting glue. Some surfaces are not just appropriate for some glues in such that they will not be able to bind to materials very well. Some are perfect for porous and non-porous surfaces, and when some work fine with damp surface materials, some will not. So, you need to check this when buying glue.


Not all glues are safe to use, especially if your kids are getting along with you for crafts works. You need to check that the glue you pick is made from materials that are safe to use. Most of the manufacturers have it written on the bottle for you to know.


When you use some glue for craftwork, you are not permitted to take the craft or artistic work closer to water because it will damage it. They are not resistant to water at all. So, to avoid any mess or issue with your work, you need to be sure of the state of your glue.

Temperature resistance

Check the label of your glue and be sure if it is resistant to heat or not. Those that are not resistant to heat, they can become watery and less effective with binding materials. So, if you are using glue that is not friendly with heat, you should keep it away from heat for its effectiveness.


There are many different options to choose from when it comes to the best glue for craft foam. You can use glue sticks, tacky glue, double-sided tape, and hot glue. Each of these glues has its own set of pros and cons, depending on the materials you’re using for your project. We’ve got you covered.