how to make couch cushions firm again

7 ways on how to make couch cushions firm again – Quickest way to do this

How to make couch cushions firm again? You can do this through the DIY method, or you get the service of the experts. However, our focus on this page is to share how you can do the whole task yourself once you have the necessary tools available.

No one loves to see their couch becomes saggy, but this tends to happen over time, primarily if a less quality foam was used in the first place. I got to experience this with my cushion, and I must say I got too disappointed when I found out the quality of the foam used in the first place.

Well, I learned my lesson right to always opt for products from the best in the field. That is not the center of focus here. So, if you experience a saggy cushion or the foam gets flat due to constant pressure and long-term use, it might be time to make some remodeling.

So, what are the things to do?

How to make couch cushions firm again

how to make couch cushions firm again

1. Get the necessary tools

There are some essential tools that you need for this task if you are doing it all yourself.

  • Blade
  • Needle and thread
  • Portable Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Foam
  • Hammer
  • Glue for foam
  • Tape rule
  • Nails
  • Marker

Those are some essential tools that you need for the task.

2. Remove the cushions

It can be tricky to do if the cushion is fastened to the couch, which means you need to carefully locate the nails or point of stitches to remove the tread or pin.

My couch design makes it relatively easy for me to do. I just had to locate the nails and remove them carefully until I could expose the cushion and then remove the foam.

Once you’ve been able to do that, you need to use the medium to clean out the couch to get rid of all forms of dust and dirt. When doing this, you must use your nose mask to prevent dust from getting into your lungs.

The target here is to remove the cushion from the couch and then the foam from its cover.

3. Measure the foam

You can make the cushion firm to add new foam to it, or you make a total change of the foam. Get a firm foam and measure the size of the one you have on your couch.

Make use of the measuring tape to calculate the proper dimension of the foam so that you don’t end up cutting the wrong size or shape. Ensure you make use of the marker to make a line while you trace it when cutting.

4. Glue the foam

After you have cut the foam and are sure of the alignment with the shape and size of your couch cushion, you can go on with gluing the foam together.

With different glues out there for foam work, you can select anyone ideal for foam craftwork.

Ensure that you carefully rub the glue evenly on the glue surfaces and then place them on each other. Leave them to bond together for some minutes, and then you can go on with the next task.

5. Place the cushion on the couch

You must keep your work close to perfection even if you are not a professional. Position the cushion on the couch to check if it fits perfectly to suit you.

Sit on it to affirm you are satisfied with the firmness of the foam before you go on to the next task. If you are not satisfied, you can go on with making some adjustments.

Some glues allow you to make adjustments within some minutes of using them on foam. So, if you find any form of imperfections, you should adjust at this stage.

6. Insert cushion back into the cover

Now that you are sure of the measurement you have with the foam, you can go on with returning the cover. Please note that the adjustment might make it hard to get an easy one by putting the cover on the cushion.

So, you must be ready to give your all to it. You might need someone to help you out with this. Some will require that you sew the cover to the cushion using a sewing machine or needle and tread.

Whichever means, the goal is to get the cover back on the cushion. Once that is done. You should then attach the cushion back to the couch.

Keep them in place using your nail and hammer, and then you can make another necessary adjustment to fine-tune your work.

7. Place the cushion back on the couch

It would help if you placed the cushion back into the couch after the whole procedure. Take a look at what you have done, and then appreciate your effort for the work done.


We gave the perfect guide on how to make couch cushions firm again on this page, and we do hope you find it all easy to do the same if you are tired of your saggy couch. We will love to hear from you on how our guide helps you through.