how to cut upholstery foam

How to cut upholstery foam – Tips for beginners and experts

Do you have a craft task at hand with the demand to use upholstery foam, and are you confused about how to cut upholstery foam for your project? We’ve got you covered. On this page, we will share how you can cut upholstery foam for any craft work you have at hand.

Do you have to be an expert to learn or know how to cut upholstery foam? No, the important part of what you are about to learn is that you can end up cutting your foam like a professional.

However, you need the right tools to do that.

How to cut upholstery foam

how to cut upholstery foam

1. Get the right tools

  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Foam
  • The foam
  • Cutting knife
  • Foam cutting saw

2. Pick up the foam

You need to pick up the foam you want to cut and get prepared for the task. You don’t have to be nervous, even if it is your first time doing this. You can start with a small size foam before going on with the big task.

Get a flat surface area and place the foam on it. You need it to be on a flat surface so that you can find it so easy to cut with less chance of making mistakes.

Once you have the foam on the surface, you should check to ensure you won’t be disturbed by the breeze or wind. Just check to ensure nothing from the environment can affect your work.

3. Make measurement

One of the things you want to achieve, even if it is your first time, is a precise and accurate cut. You need to give maximum attention to what you want to cut, which is why you need to use some tools.

While you have the foam on the flat surface area, you should pick your tape rule to measure the area you want to cut.

4. Cut the foam using a knife or blade

It all depends on how you want to cut the foam. However, the ideal option for you is to use a cutting knife to make it easy for you. You can get anyone from the market to achieve the task without hassles.

Once you have the knife with you, you just need to use the tip of the sharp blade to trace out the marking you have on the foam.

While you have one hand on the edge of the foam, the second hand should be for cutting the foam. You need to give all your focus to this task so that you could get an accurate cut.

5. Cut with foam saw

Machine indeed makes works easier. There are some tools such as foam saws out there in the market that can be used for cutting foams. You do not have to stress yourself doing the task.

You just need to make the mark on the areas you want to cut while you move the saw through the foam by tracing out the lines you already make with your marker.

Also, some machines allow you to move the foam through the blade. Whichever you get, they all have the same purpose: getting you a precise and accurate cut.


So if you are on the lookout for how to cut upholstery foam, we got you here. Pick the foam, make the measurement, do the marking with a marker, and then cut using a knife blade or foam saw.

We hope we can solve this problem, and we will love to hear how this information helps you make the right cut of your upholstery foam for your project.